Flexman Beach House, Hahei

It is with great pleasure that I provide this reference for Damian. I engaged Percival Construction Limited in January 2012 to build a new family owned holiday home at Hahei Beach. In deciding who we would engage to build our home we had two key criteria. Firstly, as the home was architecturally designed and had been highly spec’ed it was important to engage an experienced builder, and secondly, as we live in Auckland and would not be able to visit the project regularly it was critical to engage someone who was an experienced and proven project manager. As an experienced project manager myself, I had set a high threshold on this criteria.

In Damian, our expectations on all fronts were exceeded. The quality of his workmanship (and that of his team) was extremely high, and as a project manager his performance was exemplary. Progress updates were provided at regular intervals (including to the schedule and budget) and included digital photos emailed through to highlight milestones and any issues. Damian was comfortable using email and his site office was well set up with a printer and internet connection which made communication and general discussions simple and straight forward.

As project manager he also was responsible for employing and managing all the major sub-trades and at all times ensured he obtained competitive quotes and before appointing anyone provided me with critiques and recommendations as to who was his preferred candidate. In all cases his recommendation was sound and accepted.

Where I felt Damian showed the greatest attribute was in planning – at all times he was thinking well ahead of the current activities to ensure that the jobs scheduled for the weeks ahead were not going to  be held up by inconsistencies or lack of detail in the construction drawings or material availability. Where such issues arose he always thought carefully about how the resolve them and offered solutions as part of his feedback. It is my view that a number of weeks were saved in the overall project timeframe as a result of this foresight.

Having now completed the project we are absolutely thrilled with the finished product. We have been highly impressed with everything Damian has done and would happily endorse him as a highly skilled and proficient builder and project manager. Should you be reading this reference in order to ascertain Damian’s credentials to engage him for your own project and would like any further information I would be happy to discuss with you. If you would like to look through the home he built for us we would welcome the opportunity to show off his work.

 James Flexman


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